Revamping the World Kidney Cancer Day campaign

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I revamped the World Kidney Cancer Day campaign to help the IKCC reach people impacted by kidney cancer across the globe.

World Kidney Cancer Day Logo

The challenge

The International Kidney Cancer Coalition (IKCC) has organized the World Kidney Cancer Day (WKCD) campaign for several years, aiming to improve the well-being of people impacted by kidney cancer through valuable insights, resources, and support.

The campaign was facing challenges capturing attention and distinguishing itself in today's rapidly evolving digital media landscape. It also lacked a cohesive central brand mark that remained consistent across different languages and yearly campaign themes.

World Kidney Cancer Day Logo on brand colours

The solution

I created a new brand identity for the campaign, establishing a consistent logo and visual system that creates unity between languages and from year to year. The core identity allows for flexibility, enabling new assets and ideas to be introduced to the system with each year's campaign theme.

The logo

I created a new logo that remains consistent across every language and yearly theme, allowiong global audiences to easily recognise the campaign brand, regardless of their language. The brand mark draws from the existing elements of the IKCC logo but introduces more vibrant colours. Each year, a themed version of the logo is created which includes a specific tagline and date for the event.

World Kidney Cancer Day logo in 14 languages
World Kidney Cancer Day brand colours (green tones)
World Kidney Cancer Day brand colours (orange tones)
WKCD campaign typeface "New Spirit"
WKCD Non-Latin writing system alternate typefaces

2023 Theme

For the 2023 campaign, I decided on the design concept of “a window into the life” which informed the visual design of the touchpoints and media. The creative director for the campaign, Paul Fishlock interviewed several patients and carers worldwide, collecting their authentic stories and insight which became the bedrock of the content. I used a "Window" graphic to hold the photography of the patients and caregivers who contributed to the campaign their own stories and insight.

World Kidney Cancer Day "Windows" graphic
WKCD Symposium Graphic in all languages


I rolled out the new campaign identity over 150+ assets across 14 languages, creating videos, a new campaign website, social media content, and a brand style guide. This wouldn't have been possible without coordination by Lucien McCann and translation from IKCC's partners.

I also created a type system for the brand which included alternate fonts for non-Latin writing systems, including Greek, Hindi, Korean and Japanese.

World Kidney Cancer Day Website Snippet 1
World Kidney Cancer Day Website Snippet 2
World Kidney Cancer Day Brand Style Guide
‘Tim has done a very good job to contemporise the World Kidney Cancer Day brand identity and make it more impactful.’

~ Anne Wilson, Secretary/Treasurer of the IKCC & Board lead for the management of World Kidney Cancer Day


Big thanks to the rest of the team:

Steve Gray

GrayMatter Marketing & Technology
Campaign Strategy

Paul Fishlock

Behaviour Change Partners
Creative Direction

Lucien McCann

Project Management