Brand identity for an Aussie pie company with a twist.


I partnered with Nonna Tina’s to craft a brand identity that expressed the authentic origin and story of the recipes with an exciting and bold twist — just like the pies themselves.

Nonna Tina's Logo
Nonna Tina's Inverted Logo

A scalable logo system.

I created a responsive logo system so that Nonna would be comfortable and recognisable everywhere from packaging and billboards to social profile pictures.

Nonna Tina's Instagram Stories
Nonna Tina's Logo Multiple Sizes
Nonna Tina's Brand Mockups
Nonna Tina's Brand Mockups
“I've worked with many great designers in the past. I've engaged designers for my own businesses and on behalf of my clients as well. I have to say though, that categorically, Tim has been the most impressive of the lot... he’s exceeded my expectations in more ways than one."

~ Adam Agresta, Founder