Reconstructing Inspace's identity.

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After working with Inspace on their product and UX design, I was asked to refresh their brand identity, helping them prepare for the future and signal to the world what's ahead.

Inspace Logo
Building with angled sky window graphic behind

The challenge

Inspace had been growing consistently since their inception, acquiring major customers, constantly improving the platform, launching new products and raising capital.

Their brand reflected their early days, making them look like a smaller startup just getting off the ground. But Inspace had become the chosen visualisation platform for commercial real estate firms in the APAC region. Their identity needed to reflect that.

With big plans and new products on the horizon, Inspace knew that going into the future they'd need a more robust and distinctive brand identity that would signal to the market their premium offering.

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The solution

After several workshops with key teams at Inspace, we identified 3 principles at the heart of the brand, from which we would create the visual identity:

1. Clean & simple
2. Innovative & modern
3. Beautiful visuals

The logo

The logo is a much simpler and iconic mark that works across all touchpoints and at different sizes. The brand mark is a cube shape, keeping in step with the previous logo, which represented 3D space.

The new mark also hints at the levels of a building stacked one on top of another. This visual additionally evokes the concept of layers — Inspace enables its customers to put together multiple layers of media, data, and interactivity to create experiences fit for their own purpose. Composed of isometric angles, common to architectural drawings and renderings, it's a subtle nod to the company's product.

Colour and shape

The new colour palette is pulled from the natural and built environment which Inspace visualises, including sandstone, terracotta, sky and grass. These real-world tones have a materiality that sets Inspace apart from competitors, who use bright "techy" colours. This creates a distinctiveness and recognisability that can’t be mistaken within their industry landscape.

The visual system includes a set of “window” shapes, which are angled cut-outs filled with sky-like gradients. These are placed behind buildings to give them a more striking visual presence. The angles used in these cut-outs are axonometric, coming from the collection of angles used when drawing buildings and plans in architectural work.

The overall design system is engineered to hero and showcase Inspace's customers, making the most of the beautiful properties that they use Inspace to showcase. The more subtle colour palette creates space for imagery to shine.

Inspace Sandstone and Terracotta colours
Inspace Sky and Grass colours
Inspace Logo Components
Inspace Typeface, Manrope
Inspace Typography "The property presentation platform for the new era"
Inspace Angles 1
Inspace Angles 2
Inspace Brochure Mockup
Inspace Business Cards
Inspace Pull Up Banner
Inspace "Any Device" Graphic
Inspace Poster Mockup
Inspace Email Design
Inspace Analytics UI Mock
Inspace UI Mock
Inspace Platform Mockup
‘Tim deeply considered this next exciting chapter of Inspace, and masterfully designed a new brand identity that told this new era story while retaining the much-loved soul of our company’

~ Justin Liang, CEO

Inspace Virtual Workshops
Inspace Workshop


I say a huge thank you to the 3D artists at Inspace. All the 3D art that you see throughout the brand, on this page and all of Inspace's touchpoints is skilfully created by them.

Inspace Team

Alyssa Hoffmann
Justin Liang
Tom Frauenfelder
Josh Ede
Justis Nguyen
The Inspace Art Team