Rebranding the US’s #1 pet insurer.

Branding • User Experience • Website

In partnership with NoNameYet, I helped design the new brand identity and website for Fetch Pet Insurance (formerly Petplan) as they joined the Dodo family, as well as simplifying and increasing conversion rate for their purchase experience.

Fetch/Petplan Dog Illustration Graphic 2
Fetch/Petplan Cat Illustration Graphic

Expressive pets in sticky situations.

I created the concept of a lighthearted illustration style that depicts real pets in sticky situations, because Fetch is there to help pets and their parents out of predicaments like these. The photography + illustration combo is used across all touchpoints to help identify Fetch, setting them apart from homogenous competitors with a distinctly unique look.

Fetch/Petplan Purchase Flow UX

Purchasing insurance can be convoluted. It shouldn’t be.

I simplified the process of protecting furry friends, by clarifying the way their cover is constructed and how it works. It’s important that people understand exactly what they’re covered for to begin with, to create healthy long-term customer relationships. The previous version of the experience wasn’t mobile optimised, leaving people unsatisfied with the process. As part of the redesign, I optimised for mobile devices. Once we launched the new design, the conversion rate improved across the board.

Fetch/Petplan Website

Crafting a modular website system.

I redesigned and built the website in Webflow from the ground up, taking a modular approach so that creating new pages and content would be as easy as drag and drop for the Fetch team.

The rebrand was rolled out in stages. The modular system let the Fetch team control the pace of change themselves, making updates with ease.

Fetch/Petplan Dog Illustration Graphic
Fetch/Petplan Dog Illustration Graphic 3


Lead Agency
NoNameYet Studio

Elke Vogelsang

Illustration Refinement
Rich Deighton