An exercise habit, one day at a time.

User Experience • Branding

Working with founders Michal and Victor, we designed an app that helps people struggling with depression build a habit of exercise.

UX Design Add pushups screen
UX Design Main Screen

Don’t break the chain.

The concept was simple: do as many pushups as you can, every day, for 100 days in a row. Even if you can do only one pushup in a day — do that one pushup. If you break the chain, you’re back to day one.

UX Design Congrats Screen
Missed a day UX design

Positively addictive progress.

We used several ideas to make the app as positively addictive as possible. As you add pushups each a day, you add a new link to your chain. This becomes a visual representation of your progress which you can be proud of.

Every 25 days, you unlock a new colour, a reward for all your hard work. The more pushups you do, the bigger the circle for that day, and the stronger the colour.

To keep the app encouraging instead of demotivating, you unlock second chances as you progress. If you miss a day, these allow you to retain your progress and keep going.

Doit100days App UX Design Screens
“Your design helped me gain more confidence in believing what we do to help people to start exercising and fight against depression will be a success.”

~ Victor Tam, Co-founder, #doit100days

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